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Perfect Money  

Perfect money is an e-payment system that allows its user to make instant payments. It is a Panama-based company that primarily focuses on "Making easier payment system" Its slogan is "new generation of the payment system" founded by the startup in early of 2007. Today perfect money is a popular asset in the e-currency world, their user growing day by day, 

Buy Perfect Money in India 

perfect money

The reason behind choosing us is transparent, We are India's Most trusted and reliable Perfect Money Exchanger Since 2017, We Have More than 11k Satisfied clients, Our way to accepting payments are easy like We accept Bank wire IMPS, UPI, GOOGLE PAY, Paytm, We provide 24x7 days instant chat support on WhatsApp.


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how to create perfect money account

Getting an account with perfect money is easier than you think, if you follow these steps, Keep your Attention plz. There are two types of account provided by perfect money 

1. Personal account 
2. Business Account 

Both are free and you can choose any of them as per your requirement, 

(a) Visit the official website 
(b) Click on Signup 
(c) Fill registration form or account opening form 
(d) Confirm the registration by entering ID code from mail (you get id code in your email by perfect money during the registration process)

On the top panel of the webpage, you see Signup ( See Bellow Pic)

perfect money signup

Next, You will find the Registration Form  

perfect money registration form

To complete all registration process you need 12 data like - Account Name, Full Name, the real address of your residence place, working email, mobile number, account type (personal or Business), your choice of password and you will also need to go through the captcha verification, need to acceptance of the terms and condition of the site, After entering al the data click the "Register " button.

registration form

Next Step - Login your email and refresh inbox, where you get 2 mail from Perfect Money 1.Member ID, 2.Welcome mail showing process, Plz note down your Perfect money member ID, (It is secret don't share with anyone  ) You need perfect money member id to log in your account.

perfect money registration process

WOW - Your registration Process Completed Now - Read How to log in 

 How to Login to Perfect Money Account 

✔ First visit here - 
Here you need your Member id and Password, Write Turing Number in Captcha box, and finally, click on Authorize

perfect money login

Next Step: Now your account ready and you can see your Personal area/ Member Area, Once you log in with your member id and password you can find your three by default account no.

1.Usd Account - UXXXXXXX
2.Gold account -GXXXXXXX
3.Euro account - EXXXXXXX

Here XXXXXXX Is the numerical number associated with your account. later you can add more accounts by just one click on the add account button.

Perfect money account No

Perfect Money Account Verification

Perfect Money allows its user to use 2 types of account 
  • Verified account 
  • Unverified account 
Verified account - There is less fee for a verified account, like 0.50%
 Unverified account - You will charge a high fee like 1.99%
If you want to verify your account then get ready with Passport, Dl, Any national id, Electric bill, and lots more read here accepted document. See what document they ask for during verification in my bellow mail pic.

perfect money mail

Perfect money account verification

  • Click on Settings as shown above image
  • Scroll down the page. Under Account Verification, click on Verification Management


In 3 steps you need to verify your account 
  • Name Validation
  • Address Validation
  • Phone Validation
Now it is the time for uploading your real documents like a passport for name validation, bank statement, or electric bill for Address validation, the Mobile number for phone validation. Once your account gets verified you will get a super discount fee of 0.5% 

upload documents for perfect money account verification

Your Perfect Money account has been created and verified.
You are now ready to perform your Make Donation & Take Donation within Btctoinr.

Perfect Money Exchanger

Deposit perfect money account with PayTm

 ✔ How to buy perfect money USD with Paytm in India 

how to deposit perfect money account with paytm

 ✔ Perfect money is a digital currency based on P2P technology, Today perfect money is used in various fields like paying international for goods and services, Funding for forex trading, and lots more. For this perfect money, the user needs to deposit money in their perfect money account, There are lots of ways to make deposit money in your perfect money account. In the various way of deposit / buy perfect money one of the most popular methods is Using PayTm.

 ✔How to deposit perfect money account with Paytm

A deposit via Paytm is a very easy and simple way to top up your perfect money account, There are lots of exchanges in India who provide these services, But it is a difficult task to find out which one is Best. if you want to buy  perfect money, sell perfect money, Exchange perfect money USD with Paytm in India, Then you are on the right platform,

We are India's most trusted and reliable perfect money exchanger, you can exchange your Paytm balance with Perfect money USD instantly through us, We deal our services through Whatsapp

Withdrawal Perfect money USD balance in Your Paytm Wallet instantly.

If you have perfect money USD and want to withdrawal into Paytm then you are in the right place, here we deal to exchange of perfect money to Paytm, Perfect money to PayPal, Perfect Money to an Indian bank account, Perfect money to INR with the lowest and most secure way,

 We ( are the most trusted e-currency exchanger in India and currently dealing both India and internationally, we have done more than 5000 exchange since 2017 and everyday doing well, 

Why Choose

exchange perfect money usd into PayTm
Trusted exchanger is the best e-currency dealer since 2017 and almost more than 5000 transactions completed without any issue
  • We are a verified e-currency exchanger and we are verify by perfect money official website check image bellow
  • We are deal online through Whatsapp 24x7 days in a week 
  • Contact our team for instant buy/sell e-currency on +91-9431530088.

How to get Cash in my PayTm with perfect money exchange?

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To get money in your Paytm you need to contact our team firstly by WhatsApp +91-9431530088
and ask your question. our team member ask your Paytm no. and provide our perfect money account no. on Whatsapp
As soon as you transfer perfect money to our given account, we transfer money in your given Paytm no. instantly.

 ✔ Paytm to Perfect money exchange rate  - 

Paytm is Indian digital cashless wallet allows its user to make payment online for good and services on POS or any outlook store, Paytm accepted only Indian rupee and its user can be sent money anywhere in India on Paytm no. To send or received money both of user must be required Paytm wallet, Paytm wallet is registered with your Mobile number and KYC, After KYC any Paytm user can send money on your mobile no. that is register on Paytm wallet.

Buying or depositing money in perfect money account with Paytm is most popular and easy method, We provide this services ant minimum exchange fee like 

  1. ✔ Perfect money to Paytm exchange rate

If you are a perfect money user and having a balance in your perfect money account, Before using this balance in India, you most need to convert into Indian rupees - For this, the most secure and popular way to convert perfect money USD into INR is Paytm wallet,

The process to exchange Perfect money USD into INR:- Contact our team through Whatsapp and give your Paytm no. Sent your perfect money balance in our perfect money account that is given during WhatsApp chat, as soon as we received the perfect money balance we send money in your Paytm no instantly.

Perfect Money Review 

Refill your Perfect Money Account Online instantly 

Refill your perfect money account instantly from any corner of India with India's most trusted and reliable exchanger. E-exch is India's most trusted and reliable exchanger since 2017. You can refill your perfect money account with Google pay, Paytm, UPI, IMPS, NEFT, Cash deposit, Bank wire instantly.

How to refill perfect money account with local currency INR 

Visit - Official website of Perfect money exchanger by just one click here  Or Call him to +91-9431530088, Connect him with Whatsapp chart and ask your query.

What is the cost for a refill or Top-up perfect money account in India?

The cost of refill totally depend upon demand and supply in India, There is no any fixed-rate, Its rate differs from exchange to exchange, even in the same country, in the same state rate differ up to 20% like some take 20% refill fee, while other take 30% refill fee, Lets Here we talk about E-exch refill charge.  refill charge for the perfect money account.

  • $1 - $10 = Rs.102/ $ in Perfect Money Account
  • $11 - $100 = Rs.98/ $ in Perfect Money Account
  • $101 - $499 = Rs.97/ $ in Perfect Money Account
  • $500 - $1000 = Rs.96/ $ in Perfect Money Account
  • $1001 - $10K = Rs.90/ $ in Perfect Money Account
Do you want to top-up your perfect money account instantly  call 9431530088

Top-Up perfect money account 

Buy perfect money with Bitcoin
There are lots of forex broker who has not accepted payment with bitcoin, in this case, some user need to exchange their bitcoin into perfect money, There are various type of website offer bitcoin to perfect money exchange services, but really it is very tough to find out which one is best,

If you want to exchange your bitcoin into perfect money with us, then I will take a 100% guarantee that you get the best rate and instant exchange over WhatsApp anywhere in the world.

The perfect Money Exchange fee 

✅ Give 1 USD equal bitcoin = take 0.85 USD pm instant 
✅ Give 100 USD equal bitcoin = take 98 USD pm instant 
✅ Give 1000 USD equal bitcoin  = take 999 USD pm instant 
✅ Contact for instant exchange from anywhere in the world - Whatsapp click here 

Disclaimer - 

I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice for anyone to buy sell exchange digital currency. I love the latest technology and blockchain technology that's why I choose to write on digital assets. so if you plan to invest in bitcoin mining/Perfect money consult your financial advisor or try at your own risk.

Perfect Money to Indian Bank Account 

—Transferring money from a Perfect Money Account to an Indian Bank account quite simple, Just follow these steps

If you have a dollar in your perfect money account and you want to transfer it to an Indian bank account, then you are at the right place, just you have to contact us on WhatsApp, give us your bank account details, we give you our perfect money account, Send the Perfect Money Dollar to our given account and we will immediately credit you the money in your given bank account.

What are the Exchange rate of Perfect money USD to INR  If withdrawal to an India  Bank account

Perfect money USD to Bank account
  1. 1 USD TO $10           = 62 /Dollar Instant credit in Your any Bank account 
  2. 11 USD TO $50         =  63 /Dollar Instant credit in Your any Bank account 
  3. 50 USD TO $100       =  65 /Dollar Instant credit in Your any Bank account 
  4. 101 USD TO $500     =  66 /Dollar Instant credit in Your any Bank account 
  5. 501 USD TO $1000   =  68 /Dollar Instant credit in Your any Bank account 
  6. 1001 USD TO $10k   =  70 /Dollar Instant credit in Your any Bank account 

How to Buy Perfect money USD with a Bank account 

If you want to trade in Forex or want to invest online, then you will need perfect money. So let's know what is Perfect Money and how to deposit in Perfect Money through Indian Bank,

It is very easy to deposit dollars in Perfect Money account, you have to call us and give your perfect money account number, we will give you our bank account details, you will have to deposit money in our given account, as soon as  We will get you the money, we will deposit  Perfect Money Dollar immediately.

What is the Exchange fee for Buying Perfect money with a Bank account? 

Our exchange fee may be higher as compared to another exchanger, but be sure I am India's most trusted and fast exchange for INR TO PM   


  1. 1 PMUSD TO 100 PMUSD = Rs.98/Dollar 
  2. 101 PMUSD TO 1000 PMUSD = Rs.97/Dollar 
  3. 1001 PMUSD TO 5k PMUSD = Rs.96/Dollar 

    perfect money to bank account
  • It is very tough to prove that we are good and most trusted exchanger bcoz we are dealing on the internet where nither you have seen me nor I have seen you, But there are some important factor that can help to win your trust 
  • We are a verified Perfect money exchanger you can check here by this link->
  • We deal direct through Whatsapp so there is no chance to get scam. We provide instant services and 24x7 days in a week 
  • You can check our stock availability by just click this link> can contact our support team 24 hr. through WhatsApp no. our whats no-9431530088
  • You get instant payment in your bank account once you sent your perfect money to our perfect money account
  • Our rate is best for the current rate you need to contact on WhatsApp


Once you have perfect money ready in your account contact us through WhatsApp (+91-9431530088) and ask your question, our team member ask your details like how much you have perfect money USD and in which bank you want to exchange money? our team member also discuss on the current exchange rate, if you agree with our team member them we ask for your flowing details 

  1. Bank account No.
  2. Account Holder Name 
  3. Bank name 
  5. Bank branch address
  6. Your Contact No. 
Once you will provide all the details on WhatsApp our team member add your bank account details to our bank, 30 mint our banker allowed to transfer the money into the newly added account, so 30 mint later our executive contact you and provide our perfect money account details and you need to send their perfect money USD, As soon as you transfer perfect money USD into our perfect money account we transfer money in your given bank account.

I hope you will trust on our services and keeping your smile smoothly forever, 
Plz give a chance to serve you better 
Contact us through Whatsapp +91-9431530088